528 Revolution “The Frequency that Killed John Lennon” 528 frequency

The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love by Sherri Kane & Leonard Horowitz started 528 Revolution with Mathematical Proof that LOVE Vibrates at 528 Frequency


Honolulu, HI– The publisher of  The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE is reporting brisk sales of the book and related products in Japan following Tuttle-Mori Agency’ s publication of the Japanese translation retitled, The Frequency that Killed John Lennon.

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The book, by award-winning humanitarian author, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, addresses Lennon’s persecution by American intelligence agencies opposed to world peace to sustain war commerce.

The text proposes a plan to prompt peace on earth by returning music to play in the frequency used by military technicians to tune sophisticated instruments, that is, 528Hz, used by Lennon to record the peace protest classic Imagine, among the most popular recordings of all time.

Horowitz’s peace plan is simple–tune Western music to the “frequency of LOVE/528Hz, used by an increasing number of recording artists, including famous ones like Paul McCartney, that resonates “the energy of love, peace, and health” versus the current imposed “standard tuning” that research indicates generates “fear, stress, and disease.”

The “sound of the sun,” for example, and the color of chlorophyll–528Hz and 528nm, respectively–  fills the air with electron-rich energized oxygen. The O2 vibrates at the rate measured at the heart of rainbows, fundamental to organic chemistry and restoring balance, health, and harmony to dissonant systems lacking electron energy, according to Horowitz’s hypothesis being acclaimed as valid by international reviewers.

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Source: 528 Revolution “The Frequency that Killed John Lennon” 528 frequency